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Tiled pool designs

Photo of square-edge-pool work we completed
Photo of square-edge-pool work we completed


A Pool tile is straightforward—it's a tile, for your pool. However, more than that, pool tile is an incredible method to modify your pool space. With pool tile, you can consolidate attractive designs into your waterline, steps, floor, deck, finishes, etc. Actualizing custom pool designs can have a significant effect on the general appearance of your patio.

When searching for the ideal pool tile, one component that is essential to consider is material. We accept that the ideal pool tile material is something that is both tough and lovely. When the opportunity arrives to pick the tile for your pool, it can get somewhat insane, with a wide variety of various pool tile alternatives running from porcelain to glass.

Every single diverse kind of pool tile looks incredible. However, which tile choice is the best one for you and your pool? This will descend to your own needs and the general structure of your backyard swimming pool.

Negative-edge pools, spa spillways, tanning edges, and sophisticated water highlights, are portions of pool structures that fill in as motivation for a large tile. The team of experts at Pool Ideas will help you select the best tiling material, design, and shape that will fulfil all your pool needs. The most ordinarily utilized sorts of tile in pools incorporate glass, natural stone, clay, and porcelain.

Glass Tile

As of late, the fame of glass tile on pools has kept on rising. Glass tile is the most costly tile alternative, and that is for a valid justification; since it is produced using recycled glass materials, it's the most robust and non-permeable of all pool tiles.

Glass tiles go extraordinary with the translucent nature of water. Glass tiles arrive in small – mosaic tile design. It has the upside of having the option to cover curved surfaces. Pool designers at Pool Ideas can likewise blend various colours of glass tile, making an altered colourdesign and hence, create a work of art.

Taking all things together tiled pools and spas, the overall impact of glass is hypnotizing, and as waterline fringes and step-markers, the inside reflections offer a pearl-like gloss. Quality of glass tile ranges from low to high, and like most things in life, you get what you pay for. With lower quality glass tile, you despite everything get reflections that can be splendid underwater.

Some different glass tiles have a brilliant covering that gleams with the difference in light and water streaming over the surface. Then again, the masterful look and feel of a completed installation are increasingly noteworthy glass tile. It has superior optical quality, and its sparkle, shading, and depth are more energizing than the look of small mosaic designs.

Stone Tile

In case you are hoping to have a Classical style swimming pool, stone tiling is the best option for you. It will give you merely that; a characteristic look and finished feel that goes superbly on a yard or deck. At the point when joined with coping, the appearance is more exceptional. Stone tile design components incorporate slate, flagstone, bluestone, and semi-polished granite tile.

Pool Ideas is proud of its ability to install all types of stone tiles efficiently and effectively. Moreover, we can also source some natural stones for our valuable customers that will give your swimming pool and eye-catching look.

Clay and Porcelain Tile

Clay and porcelain tiles are widely used for finishing formany years. As opposed to glass tiles, these are hand-painted with energizing designs, or they are likewise accessible in a mosaic design. These days, you can discover clay and porcelain tile in a finished form that works out positively for the encompassing landscape. Additionally, there is a finished coated tile that is more enlivening, giving a punch to any pool fringe. With the correct balance of scale, detail, structure, and colour, tile can make an excellent and stunning design.

Lap pool tiling job we completed with glass pool tiles
Lap pool tiling job we completed with glass pool tiles


Now it is time to get straight to the point. What are the advantages of pool tile? Or then again, at the end of the day, for what reason do you need them? Even though there are numerous advantages to introducing pool tile, the main three advantages we see include aesthetics, safety, and maintenance.


As a matter of first importance, pool tile gives your backyard pool a perfect look. Coping that is around the outside of your pool, and pool tile that is on the inside of your pool makes a distinction from a design viewpoint. These materials help provide a finishing look to your yard, giving a clean and durable look. Pool tile and coping are additionally extraordinary because they're entirely adjustable from a design point of view.

The two things arrive in an assortment of colours, extending from natural tones to lively blue and green tones. We locate that most loved, wanted and preferrednatural hues for coping, and blue colours for pool tile. However, you have the adaptability to redo these designs anyway you'd like. Simply make a trip to see us at Pool Ideas to get started on your customized pool design project.


Notwithstanding adding anexceptional finish to your lawn, pool tile and coping likewise help to ensure the safety of your family and friends. The two materials assume a vital job of keeping you and your friends and family protected. For instance, pool tile and coping give a non-slip surface, which is particularly significant for getting in and out of your pool or spa. These materials additionally work to shield you from a sweltering pool deck in the summer. Think about all the occasions you've stumbled into the yard in the blasting heat, attempting to discover shade to chill off your feet. Pool tile and coping aids this fundamental summer issues. Pool materials, like travertine, remain cool to the touch, even in direct daylight. This implies with pool tile and coping. You'll have the option to make the most of your pool deck without the dread of burning your feet.


Pool tile and coping are likewise both functionalparts of the swimming pool, as they work to keep up your outside region. Pool tile and coping give an extra sealant in your pool. This facilitatesmaintainingthe foundation of your pool, so there are no breaks or splits.

What appears to be a little hairline split currently, can rapidly transform into a lot bigger issue not far off, which is the reason this extra sealant is pivotal. Pool tile additionally helps keep your pool clean. Pool skimmers and pool vacuums react better to porcelain, clay, or travertine surfaces than to surfaces that are left incomplete.

Remember this while thinking about whether pool tile and coping are appropriate for you.Pool Ideas have professionals who can fulfil all your tiled pool needs. We have a full grip on the latest knowledge and technology. We can deliver any type of pool tiling and design as per your demands. Therefore, call us today to get the pool of your dreams.