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The market offers you a wide range of colours for your swimming pool; however, getting that perfect shade that blends well with your home, and the surrounding features can be quite tricky. 

While most homeowners start the search process by considering the most popular colours, it’s important to remember that today’s trending may be out of fashion tomorrow. 

Others may prefer to see lots of different swimming pools to help them compare. Still, this can be confusing and lead to regrets because people have varied tastes and preferences. 

Thus, it’s vital to be careful when picking the best swimming pool colour to avoid future disappointments. Due to these challenges, the article has prepared a list of factors to consider when choosing your pool colour.

Pool design ideas done by our pool tiling expert with red pool mosaic tiles

The Appearance 

Your pool’s look and feel is a vital factor that you should factor in when thinking about the best shade. There is that appearance you desire your backyard to have. It could be a natural lagoon, a tropical oasis, a modern chic, or a Tuscan haven outdoor space.   

Another essential factor that will affect your pool’s appearance is the exterior tone and the style of your home. Thus, don’t ignore your home’s background design and your pool’s size because this feature may be the centrepiece. 

Generally, any centrepiece should complement that look and feel that you desire, as well as add the wow element to the whole design. For that reason, the look, feel, and background theme of your home should lead you to the best swimming pool colour.  

Effects of Light and Water

It’s a standard practice to see homeowners collecting samples of splashback tiles, benchtop, or cabinetry colour to see how they will look when installed and whether they will blend well with other accessories. You’re also interested in finding out whether the colours the retailer is offering you will give you the desired look and feel. 

Therefore, it’s essential to experiment with different colours since natural light and water affect the pool’s appearances. Thus, collect several samples and see how they look and feel under the water and in different light sources. You will realize that the colour changes as a result of reflections of structures and trees, as well as the brightness of the sun. 

Pool tiling and design we completed with blue pool tiles and lights

The Size of the Pool  

When considering the right shade, the size of your pool is a vital determinant because light colours tend to make the structure look bigger. The colour blends in and causes a smaller area to appear more prominent or creates an illusion of space. 

On the other hand, darker tones offer a defined line, thus ideal for creating a reflection pool look. 

Personal Preference  

You should also consider the colour you like because you’re the one who will use it and look at it every day. That is why several pools are white, green, blue, purple, red, black, or a combination of different colours because the pool owners preferred those shades. 

Therefore, the best swimming pool colour should be your favourite shade. The one that elevates your mood and inviting you to spend more time in the water.   


Your family safety is an essential factor to consider when choosing the best swimming pool colour. You may be wondering how safety and the shade of your pool are related. Dark pool surroundings absorb and retain heat, which makes it uncomfortable to walk, especially during summer. 

A brightly coloured pool and its surrounding will reflect sunrays leading to a high glare. Prolonged exposure to it can cause adverse visual health, such as eye fatigue. Light colours will keep the pool water cooler, while darker colours will increase the water temperatures slightly due to the retained heat. 

Top Colors for Your Swimming Pool 

The colour of your pool will add to the aesthetic value of your property and the outdoor area. That is why it’s important to consult widely or be creative. Imagine having the Caribbean turquoise waters or Turkey’s Blue Lagoon crystal blue water in your yard. This can be a reality when creating a private pool. 

The following are beautiful colours for your swimming pool.  

Ebony Blue

It’s considered one of the best swimming pool colours because although the Gelcoat is black with white and blue shimmer effect, the space appears deep blue when filled with water. It also offers you a sleek feel. 

Sapphire Blue

Most in-ground pools have this colour. It has always been considered the best swimming pool colour due to the loyal blue Gelcoat and diamond shimmer. This adds enough sparkle to cause the pool to stand out from other shades of blue. 

Crystal Blue

With the gel coat light blue and a white shimmer effect, the pool area will have an ocean-like look and feel. 

Graphite Grey

The Gelcoat is dark grey and with a light blue shimmer effect. This makes the pool to appear lighter than the Ebony blue and gives it a bright blue look of the Caribbean.  


The Gelcoat is turquoise in colour and has a white shimmer effect as well as tinny black specks. Both crystal blue and aquamarine pools have a Caribbean look and feel.  

Black and Dark Colors

These colours give you a sophisticated touch and a stable temperature that keeps the pool water warm. Therefore, black is ranked among the best swimming pool colours due to the added advantages.  

Other colours for your pool are white, red, or green.  

Consult Pool Inspiration Company  

Once you have your favourite colour that blends well with the landscaping, you can speak to experienced swimming pool inspiration company such as the Pool Design Ideas. The professionals will show you different pools bearing that shade or other colours to help you select the best swimming pool colour.  

The pools that the experts will show you belong to their customers who went through the same process when looking for the best colour for their pool.  These homeowners will confirm that you’re on the right track. 

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