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Swim-up pool bar designs

Pool tiling job done with white porcelain tiles
Pool tiling job done with white porcelain tiles

The first run through individuals finds the upscale joy of appreciating a refreshing drink in a swimming pool swim-up bar is frequently when they're roaming at an extraordinary lodging. Unwinding on a barstool built under the water with a ledge to put your beverage or a tidbit is a definitive hotel experience—and it's a component that more homeownerscurrently includein their backyard swimming pool.

Creating a retreat setting in your backyard is perfect if your family might want to invest loads of energy in the swimming pool and enjoy engaging in a relaxing setting. When planninga newin-ground pool, you can have your manufacturer incorporate a fun, practical, alluring swim-up bar into the general design. Let Pool Ideas handle your swim bar project, and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

What is a pool swim-up bar, and what does it incorporate?

Swim-up bars are a custom component accessible on concrete (gunite/shotcrete) swimming pools. These structures incorporate barstool seating, a ledge, and regularly a serving region outside of the pool known as the "dry side." Typically, the design joins two to five barstools that are for all time incorporated with the pool floor. The top—or seat—a segment of each stool is situated beneath the water. Contingent upon an individual's stature, those utilizing a stool have the lower half of their body in the water and the upper half outside or on top of the surface. This course of action makes it simple to hold beverages or food at the counter before them.


Your bar's ledges can be straight or bent. A famous structure approach is to cover its outside with brightening tile or stone that facilitates with materials utilized somewhere else in the pool. Sometimes, property holders decide on materials and colour decisions that give a substantial visual difference to the rest of the pool configuration—making the bar an interesting point of interest in the backyard. To help hinder the sun's beams, you might need to incorporate a shade structure. Models incorporate a pavilion or pergola, and they can likewise be as large as an enormous porch umbrella. Some swim-up bar arrangements are increasingly intricate. They incorporate dry regions with a serving zone as well as an open-air kitchen with devices for cooking and keeping drinks chilled. Some even celebrate an open-air TV screen.

Appropriate Planning With Professionals

Style and usefulness are significant contemplations for your swim-up bar's design. In any case, when structuring a swim-up bar, the main factor to remember is a progressively functional one: accessible space. The shape and overall size of your patio and the complete area you are dispensing to your new aquaticventure will direct how many zones in your pool can be dedicated to the swim-up bar region. Talk about this with our professional workers toward the beginning of the design procedure.

Whatever features for a swim-up pool bar meet your inclinations for engaging in style, realize that this retreat experience is moderately simple to add to most of the new concrete pools. Be that as it may, you need to request that your designer incorporate a swim-up bar in your initial design and spec out the cost.

The professional experts at Pool ideas have extensive knowledge and experience in designing and installing swim-up bars. They will provide you with precise estimations about expanses and time. They will make sure to design and install a swim-up bar as per your requirements and desires. With Pool Ideas, prepare to toast to the great occasions you'll spend in your backyard heaven.

Photo of a house with courtyard swimming pool
Photo of a house with courtyard swimming pool

Unique and Full of pleasure

Swim-up bars are an incredible method to engage your loved ones and enjoy poolside drinks. This is the one component that permits visitors in the pool to communicate with visitors in the Ramada or outside kitchen in an easygoing and loosened upsetting. Swim-up bars have become so mainstream that it has gotten one of the most looked for a feature in any pool development yet additionally one of the most costly.

To incorporate a swim-up bar for one of our pool ventures, UNIQUE just should finish the whole undertaking. We accept that various contractual workers can't organize intently enough to satisfy the needs of this profoundly specific element. Endeavouring to co-develop a swim-up bar would bring about inferior results and one that would not satisfy the high guidelines of our companies. A decent swimming pool bar plan needs to have numerous features.

Wide range of design options

With regards to planning your definitive patio, there's a lot of alternatives to consider: a pool and spa, an open-air kitchen for facilitating picnics and gatherings, a green zone for games and sports, a Baja rack for shallow-water relaxing, a swim-up bar for snatching a beverage and relaxing, a sitting zone with a TV and chimney, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

All things considered, why travel to a packed hotel when you can have a private oasis directly in your backyard? There is, nonetheless, one non-debatable backyardfeatures each Australian can concede to Swim-up bar. So Pools Ideas began designing and installing swim-up bars to helphomeowners fulfil their dreams proficiently and effectively.

Customer satisfaction

Consumer satisfaction is our apexpriority. We guarantee that we are sufficiently proficient to give our customers what they require for their backyard swimming pool. Our experts understand that not every person needs similar pool designs, so we also deliver custom designs. What's more, with just proficient communication we can give you the excellent assistance you anticipate.

The degree of service for which you pay us likewise guarantees that your desires will be met. To guarantee your fulfilment, we take the necessary steps, which is the reason you should get in touch with us for your swimming pool design and installation. We are a team of professionals having more than ten years of experience in the pool industry. We know you desire and needs and are sufficiently proficient to fulfil them smoothly and efficiently.