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The old civilization joined together humanmade water bodies and ornamental tile. Beginning with the luxurious spas and pools with an ancient Greek and Roman origin to the contemporary masterpieces, all these features have transformed water into a piece of art. 

Initially, owning a swimming pool was an exotic luxury, but today it’s part of home fixtures. Further, the discovery of glass tiles is helping contractors to give a pool an elegant look. 

There are reasons why pools are tiled and why glass tiles are superior to other tiling materials. Therefore, continue reading this article for more information. 

Luxury indoor pool with blue glass pol tiles

Benefits of Tiling Your Pool 

Pools make summers attractive, for there is nothing so refreshing than soaking in water in a scorching afternoon. Winters are also enjoyable with heated swims. Thus, installing a durable flooring keeps your pool attractive and lasts longer. One of the materials that can give your pool that elegant look and improve its durability is tiles. 

They are many types of tiles in the market. Glass mosaic tiles have been in existence for many years and are made purely from recycled glass. These tiles are versatile, for they can be used in the bathroom flooring, kitchen flooring, or the pool flooring. They also have plenty of benefits. 

Versatile Beauty 

Manufacturers use Silicate glass material to make glass tile. These tiles are smaller than stone or ceramic tiles, for they measure 2X2 or less.  

Glass tiles have an infinite range of textures, colours, and transparency. Thus, you can use glass tiles for the traditional waterline applications or interior finish. Use them also on the raised walls, benches, shallow lounging areas, or steps to create focal points. 

Further, you can install single or multiple colours to create subtle hues. One of the best use is to create vivid mosaic images for their reflective nature provides the luminous finish, thus adding an exciting feature. 


Tiles are long-lasting building materials for the pool. Thus, these tiles can last longer when installed properly.  

Glass tiles are resistant to chemical corrosion as compared to other surface materials like fibreglass, exposed aggregate, or plaster finishes. These surfaces can last for 25 years, while the surface of the tile can retain its integrity and appearance almost indefinitely. 

They are easy to clean, unlike other types because a mixture of vinegar and water is enough to give these tiles a shiny look.  

Glass tiles are eco-friendly and will keep the environment around the pool healthier. For instance, glass tiles are nonporous, thus resistant to stains, chemical damage, mildew, and moulds.   

Popular Tile Trends. 

Glass tiles are available in different sizes, colours, and styles, thus helping this centrepiece to stand out. You can use the glass tiles to create a sophisticated look on the interior surface, pool waterline, decking, or coping. There are several glass types that you can use to showcase your personality and style. 

Opaque Glass Tiles  

These tiles have different colours, including the pearlescent and frosted appearance. They can be installed on any location, and although they are not as reflective as other glass tiles, they have their beauty. Opaque glass tiles don’t reveal water deposits or dirt like the bright glass tiles. Thus, this type has low maintenance, available in different finishes and textures, hence adding visual interest to the tiled surface. 

Here is a photo of an opaque glass tiles we use on our pool tiling job
Clear Glass Tiles  

These tiles are considered the most beautiful glass tiles, for they are visible and with a solid-coloured backing. It’s this coloured backing that gives the tile its colour, the shiny appearance as well as the depth that you can’t find with opaque tiles.  

Photo of clear glass tiles for our pool tiling job
Mosaic Glass Tiles 

These are the most popular glass tiles due to their elegant style that gives your pool a lavish look. Most homeowners prefer these tiles because they are resistant to mould and stains, as well as bacteria and algae. Therefore, it will take longer to show dirt, and when they do, then it’s the time to clean them. Most mosaic tiles are resistant to chemicals and are not porous; thus, they can last longer. The dark mosaic glass reflects light; therefore, they tend to glow. 

Maintaining Glass Tiles 

Glass tiles give your pool a vibrant sparkle that you want to maintain for an extended period. You can achieve and retain this appearance for years as long as you invest in maintenance. A word of caution is that you should not begin maintaining the pool after issues become an eyesore, for you will incur a lot of money, time, and energy to restore it to the earlier look.  

The following are ways of keeping your pool clean. 

Remove Organic Matter 

Skim off organic matter like soil, leaves, and grass from the pool every week. You can use an automatic vacuum to clean the walls and floor. 


The glass tile waterline should be brushed every week and several times more during the hot summer months. Brushing of the pool prevents the buildup of calcium deposits on the tiles, thus making these stains stubborn. Use subtle chemicals when cleaning the tiles, for instance, a mixture of water and vinegar, or baking soda can remove stubborn stains without exerting yourself. Use a stricter option when calcium silicate is deposited on the pool because it’s stubborn. 

Thorough Cleaning  

You should drain your pool water every year and clean it thoroughly because calcium deposits can last longer, even with the weekly. You can contact Pool Ideas every year for the thorough cleaning and maintenance of the pool pump systems. Use pumice stone when a stiff brush is not effective in removing calcium deposits. However, don’t apply a lot of force because glass tiles are delicate and can get damaged. 

Soda Blasting  

Calcium deposits can become stubborn, and pumice stone may not be able to give you that shiny look. You can opt for soda blasting at this point. This process entails blasting baking soda using a high-pressure nozzle. Soda blast is known to remove most of the calcium stains without affecting the tiles. Tile professionals like Pool Ideas usually do this procedure at a reasonable price, and they will be ready to give your pool a new look. 

Solar Covers 

These covers keep the pool at a suitable temperature during hot weather. Solar covers save your energy costs and prevent water-evaporation that increases calcium buildup. Additionally, the cover keeps the pool clean because it keeps organic debris and dirt away. 

Keep the Water Chemicals Balanced 

Always keep the pool chemical levels in the right state. An optimal level keeps algae and bacteria away from the pool. On the other hand, unbalanced chemical levels and pH leads to calcium scaling. 


Glass tiles have a higher aesthetic value than other tiles and are easier to clean and maintain. However, calcium deposits can affect the appearance of these tiles. Pool Ideas have a team of professionals with adequate experience in glass tiles installation and maintenance. You can contact them for more suggestions and routine maintenance.

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