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Pool Ideas

Modern pool side tiling job we completed. Visit us at for more photos.

Welcome to Pool Ideas, Australia's leading pool Inspiration company. We've been compiling ideas for almost every type of pool, included a tiled pool by Darwin Bathrooms. We're pleased with how we've helped a significant number of People of Australia to beat the summer heat.

Regardless of what design, size, and type of pool you need, we will ensure it is an ideal choice for your financial plan, your yard, and your family. Our five-star ideas begin the moment you walk into our website. One website will provide you with complete information about different types of pool ideas, and walk you through the entirety of your choices.

From fixing minor issues to installing a new pool, Pool Ideas is your typical pool installation and repair information website. Our informative articles are always prepared, and your fulfillment is ensured.

We have proficient experts the nation over, always ready to help you. So whether you're considering purchasing pool equipment and install it, you've quite recently got an issue with existing equipment, or you want a complete installation of a new pool.

When your installation needs become excessively overpowering, a visit to the Pool Ideas and Darwin Tiling for your pool tiling needs, we can respond to every one of your inquiries and provide solutions to your needs. Specialists in each significant part of pool equipment, our professionals will meet the entirety of your installation needs. Regardless of whether you have to install a pump to circulate and clean your water, or a heater to warm your pool and expand your swimming season, Pool Ideas has got you covered. Regardless of what type of pool you need to get installed, Pool Ideas are always available to fulfil your needs.

The articles at Pool Ideas are consistently accessible to meet all your pool needs. They're likewise eager to deal with other maintenance related toowning a pool. Do you need your pool emptied to make fixes to the surface? Has pool ideas got you covered and prepared to open up your pool for the summer after a long winter? We're all set. Need to get you to filter cleaned? Regardless of what repair and maintenance service you need, pool ideas have you covered. There's no pool repair job, big or small, too hard for repairing experts at Pool Ideas.

Check out our blog for useful pool tips, recommendations & suggestions. With many years of experience, we are thrilled to share these for you.

If you have a question you may find the answer on our FAQ page.

Above ground pool design photo with wooden pool deck

Advantages of Owning a Pool or Spa

Pools in Australia are expanding in prominence and that too for good reasons. The list of advantages could continue forever, and they extend from increased home appearance to increased health benefits. Pools are accessible in a wide assortment of sizes, shapes, designs, characteristics, and depths so you can modify your experience and take full advantage of your pool. Contingent upon your yard, your way of life, your budget plan, and your needs, you can get the pool you had always wanted and all the advantages that accompany it. Freshwater, fun games, cool unwinding on warm summer days, and fun approaches to beat the summer heat would all be able to be found from the solace of your lawn.There are limitless advantages of owning a pool and spa. In the wake of a monotonous day at work, nothing is taking a reviving dive in your completely clear home pool, and having heaven escape in your lawn can be stimulating. Regardless of whether you'll utilize a home pool for entertaining family ad friends at a dinner or BBQ or unwinding in a spa after a hectic day, here are some of the benefits of owning your pool and spa.

How much do you love this lap pool project we just completed? We completed the job just before Christmas last year. See for more of our pictures.

Health Benefits

Probably the best advantage of owning a pool has the option to improve your physical fitness and overall health. Swimming can improve your muscle strength, improve your heart rate, and is incredible for cardiovascular fitness. Furthermore, swimming lessons tension and doesn't have any negative consequences for your joints as jogging or running can. Other medical advantages incorporate expanded energy levels, better cardio health, calorie-burning, and weight loss. Swimming exercises can likewise be an extraordinary method for kids to keep up regular sleep time.

How much do you love this lap pool tiling project we just completed just before Christmas last year. See for more of our pictures.

Decrease Anxiety

In case you're still searching for a viable method to reduce anxiety and nervousness, look no farther than a home pool. Pools allow everybody to unwind, regardless of whether this implies poolside sunbathing or delicate night swims. Fast swimming can likewise constrain the production of the stress hormone, i.e. cortisol, in your body. In the event, you're experiencing difficulty sleeping, go for a delicate swim in your pool before you sneak into bed. This can help loosen up all your muscles and promote healthy sleep cycles you need to begin your days suitably.

Here is a photo of a recent outdoor pool tiling job we completed last month of January this year. See more of our photos at

Increased Home Value

Are you thinking to sell your home in the future? Assuming this is the case, install a home pool. Doing so can significantly help your home's estimation. This is fundamental in case you're quick to stash a couple of additional dollars once you close on a home deal. Regardless of whether you aren't anticipating selling your home, a higher home estimation can profit you. You may give your home to your children, for instance, or consider leasing it out as an investment property.

A photo of  side yard pool tiling job we recently completed last month of february. See for more of our pictures.

Kid-Friendly Hangout Space

If you have a family of any sort, home pools can be an incredible expansion to your home. Loads of children love to swim, and in case you're worn out on arranging play date exercises, introduce a pool to give everlasting amusement to kiddos. In case you have adolescents at home, they'll additionally be able to value a pool. Pools can be protected options in contrast to other solo exercises high school students may search out on weekends. If you do introduce a pool, ensure you brief everybody on pool security early. Pool toys are likewise an unquestionable requirement for any home pool. Pool ideas can install any kind of pool with absolute precision while ensuring the safety of your family and friends.

Pool paving job we recently completed with concrete finish paver. See fore more photos.

A Relaxed Environment

With a pool or spa, holidays will be increasingly fun, and you'll possess extra energy for relaxing. With no voyaging time or costs, loading or unloading, you can exit the door into your very own backyard heaven. When you have a swimming pool, your home can have a dream relaxing environment anytime you want. With a beautiful outdoor area done by Bendigo Shade Sails.

Here is an after photo of our pool paving job completed with travertine tiles. This photo was taken last month of January this year. See more of our photos at

Chill During Hot Summers

You can't beat the heat of Australian summer weather without owing a pool at your home. If you've battled to endure blistering summers previously, it's the ideal opportunity for a home pool. Your backyard pool provides you with a speedy and straightforward approach to chill. Furthermore, a backyard pool implies fewer outings to swarmed beaches, where it very well may be more earnestly to relax and enjoy. Beach outing can likewise take up a whole weekend, especially if you need to drive a few hours to get to the beach. Therefore, having your home pool in the backyard provides you with an excellent opportunity to relax and beat the blazing heat of Australia. Read through Pool Ideas today before you install a new pool for your backyard.

“I have a few bathroom ideas for my renovation which included bathroom waterproofing, shower repairs, tiling bathroom walls, and ceramic tiling. I needed to find a trusted tiler who was reputable in tiling for bathrooms. I did not want a standard Pool Ideas, so I needed a tiling team that really stood out. That is why I chose to work with Pool Ideas. The did a high-quality waterproofing membrane for maximum safety, which is important for my toddlers. They also avoided tiling over tiles and did all of the shower tiling from scratch – so impressive! Especially when you consider how quickly they managed to get the entire tiling project done.” – Flora Z.

How much do you love this luxurious square-edge pool? Visit us at for more photos.

“I wanted a reliable Pool Ideas for my larger commercial tiling project, so that is why I turned to Pool Ideas. The tiling installation was done so efficiently and too my standards, I could not believe it! I had heard they did subway tiling in the past, but I could not believe the end result. I ended up hiring them for my home pool tiling and I even had tiling a kitchen splashback completed. Forget about Shepparton tiling, the Pool Ideas is all you are going to need for your next tiling job” – William T.

Here is a photo of square-edge-pool with pavers. This job was completed last year of November. See more of our photos at

“I thought silicone and silicon installation would be a good idea, but when I called the professionals at Pool Ideas, they offered other bathroom tiling and floor tiling options. I trusted their suggestions since they are the leading tile installers in the area. After a thorough consultation, I knew they were the best Pool Ideas solution. During the project, they always arrived on time to do tile underlay, to lay the tiles, and to do the grouting. I was impressed they did some waterproofing too! They were perfect, and the end result is everything that I had hoped for, and more!” – Brian G.

Here is a photo of a square-edge-pool work we completed. This job was done last month of January this year. See more of our photos at

Improved Backyard Appearance

The present outdoor pool environments have progressed significantly from the pools of your grandparent's era. Luxurious pool designs, advanced equipment, superior features, and an outdoor living environment can give an incredible look to your backyard. Owning a well-designed and installed pool can mean the contrast between a backyard that is dull, and one that is the pride and joy of your home. Try working with our favourite Tiling and waterproofing experts Bendigo Tiling to transform your backyard.

Here is a pool ideas photo of rounded pool desin with lawn. This job was completed last year of November. See more of our photos at

Advanced Pool Technologies

The most recent improved innovation incorporates variable flow pump and variable speed to decrease energy utilization, just as proficient energyheaters to warm your pool and broaden the swimming season. Pool covers and automatic water fills likewise add security and insurance to your pool. What's more, there are many computerized functions and features accessible to control the pool gear through applications on your cell phone or electronic device. Your neighbourhood pool installers, Pool Ideas, currently can transform your dream of the perfect pool into a reality. With pool Ideas, It's genuinely stunning, and the potential outcomes are tremendous.

After photo of our paving job with travertine tiles

Enhanced Water Quality

When you consider the fantastic upgrades in pool design and outdoor environment, you should likewise consider water care. There have been gigantic innovative developments here too. The present water treatment frameworks can give the best assurance against chlorine-resistant cryptosporidium, microbes, infections, giardia, and legionella.

Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) water purification has brought pool water quality to the advanced level, and the outcome is one of the most energizing innovations for pool and spa proprietors.

AOP innovation is accessible to any pool or spa, regardless of whether recently installed or retrofitted to anexisting pool. Hydroxyl radicals are the best technique accessible for water treatment. They are secure, short-lived, fast-acting, and will diminish destructive consolidated chlorine (chloramines) just as sanitization by-products (DBP's) abandoned by each one of those different synthetic substances used to treat water the decades-old, conventional way.

Photo of our completed pool tiling job

Convenience and privacy

Your home pool is that: a pool in your lawn. You should simply make a couple of strides, and you'll be poolside. Home pools are unfathomably advantageous in this manner. Not any more long outings to the beaches, gym, and picnic venues. Just open your yard door. It can likewise be hard to find privacy in this bustling world. Home pools usually are private, letting you enjoy a confined oasis at anytime you want.

Photo of our tiling job we completed with square edge pool

Great Source of Entertainment

In the cast that you love inviting individuals over to your home, you'll love hosting poolside gatherings. Pools are private occasion spaces. Pools are loved by all children and adults alike. Therefore, it is the best place to host dinners and social events. Pools can likewise make it simple to plan an event or gathering. They are multi functional; in any case, offering visitors a chance to swim, chill, and appreciate the glimmering lights.

Photo of our completed tiling job with rounded pool

Expand Your Patio

Numerous pools work as patio expansions. If you at present, have a patio; however, you need it to serve a higher purpose, a pool can be an excellent choice. Many pool owners will introduce a covered patio directly close to the pool. Covered pool patios make more space for individuals to relax, enjoy a summer BBQ, or just hang out. These yards can likewise feel like home additions, as they are prime areas for outside tables, plants, and sofas. We recommend our friends at Bendigo Paving for all your backyard paving needs.

If you want to benefit from these and many other benefits of owning a pool, call Pool Ideas today! We love transforming your backyard into heaven. We are equipped with all the necessary knowledge, years of experience, and advanced technology to fulfil all your pool needs proficiently and effectively.

Here is a photo of a classic pool design with pool surround pavers. Visit our page for full details on each project. See more of our photos at